Wondering how to proceed with the tp-link kasa camera setup?

Learn what goes into the kasa cam setup process.

With people and businesses preferring virtual meetings, the need for solutions that cater to such requirements has been on an ever-high. The entire range of TP-Link associated Kasa Cameras helps meet the varied surveillance and video conferencing requirements of users around the world.

If you are planning to get one, or already have acquired one and are wondering how to get these eyes to seeing the invisible, this website will provide complete information to you. You’ll obtain complete information on the setup, kasa camera login and learn how to connect kasa camera to Wi-Fi. Furthermore, we’ll also share information on how to resolve common tp-link camera setup issues effectively.

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TP-Link Camera Setup- Explained!

TP-Link Kasa Camera Setup Process is often miscommunicated through the channels or websites present on the internet today. This is why we have consolidated all the information which you would need for effective setup, so you can get started with speaking to your peers today.

The TP-Link Camera setup process starts with installing the camera. To install the same, place the camera in the location you want it to be at, and connect a microUSB cable to the rear port of the camera. The other end of the cable will go into the USB wall plug which further connects to a wall power outlet. Once you connect the same, the LED light beneath the camera lens will begin to flash between orange and green. This is an indication that the camera is ready to be installed and set up.

  • ● Connect your smartphone or tablet to the local camera network. If you are not sure how to connect a kasa camera to wifi, you can go to the settings, choose wireless networks and from Wi-Fi select the network name “Kasa_Cam” and connect to it.
  • ● Once you are connected to the camera network, launch the Kasa Smart App.
  • ● On the tp-link camera login page, click on the Login Button and enter the login credentials which you had set earlier.
  • ● Once you login, tap on the +(add) button you see in the top right corner of the screen.
  • ● Click on the “Add a Device” button and select “Cameras” and then select the appropriate model. In this case we’ll proceed with Kasa Cam.
  • ● The next steps entails how you want to place the camera. The app will connect to the Kasa Cam.
  • ● In the next step, connect to your home network by selecting the name of the network and entering the credentials.
  • ● Tap on the Join button, once you are finished entering the credentials. The app will validate the details and connect to the home network.
  • ● In the next screen, specify a name for your device, and tap on the “Save” button.
  • ● Tap on “Enable Notifications” in the next screen. This will help your app notify you whenever it detects an activity in the surveillance area.
  • ● The app will now show to you the instructions to mount the Kasa camera. Follow the step by step procedure to mount the camera and you are done setting up the same.

The app will show you a preview which can be used to reposition the camera if needed. When you are done, click on “I’m done positioning” and the setup will be complete.

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